Online Training

We are living in a constant change and there is something that demands more and more with each passing day – yes, it is our hunger to learn. It is not only the necessity of today’s world but also a key skill that helps you be better any given day. From Students to professionals, there is always a scope to learn and to add something new to your skillset. The digital world has taken the concept of learning to whole new milestones and makes it easier and accessible for anyone and everyone across the globe. We have developed a simple platform to help people identify and enroll to our various technical skill development programs. The programs are fully online with flexible to ensure that anyone can enroll as per their convenience and availability. One offer online training in Programming Languages, Digital Marketing and Ads, Databases, Clouds, Front-end technologies and many more…

VTS take pride in offering online courses in various cutting-edge technologies. Online training courses are easy to follow and to keep a track of the progress. We believe in serving the digitalization as best as possible and consistently work on to expand our reach to provide online trainings and skill enhancement courses.

Training Courses Java, Digital Marketing, .Net. PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Node.JS, Angular.JS, DevOps, Python, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Crash SEO (Crash courses for SEO)

Corporate Training

Are you looking for options to consider some skill improvement trainings for your employees? It might come out to be an excellent investment once you will collaborate with the VTS programs of corporate trainings that are available both online and offline. A skill improvement curriculum can definitely help improving the work efficiencies of the employees, hence, adding in to the overall revenue. It could be as simple as organizing some basic excel courses for your team or some professional help to understand implementation of any latest technology into your product’s technical stack. We offer corporate trainings and also help companies to analyze the existing structure in order to customize a training program that best serves the Business’ needs. Our team of professionals help organizations train employees in both technical as well as personal development.

VTS offers various corporate training courses to upskill employees and prepare them as better Leaders. Our extensive programs cover wide range of courses to serve our clients that can be designed or picked specific to the requirements.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Professional Courses
  • Counselling
  • Customized Training Programs

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