Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing has become a ubiquitous term, and it's poised to continue shaping the landscape for the Business growth. As nearly everything transitions online, the importance of digital marketing cannot be overstated. It is a cornerstone for commerce and various other industries, uniting the world and expanding horizons for businesses.

Digital Marketing Services enables businesses to invest in digital platforms to reach and engage with more customers. Given its pivotal role in driving revenue, professional support and expertise are essential to ensure that businesses capitalize on it’s potential.

Whether your goal is to enhance organic search rankings or broaden your reach on social media platforms, VTS offers a wealth of experience to help you navigate its suite of Digital Marketing Services and Content Management.

Digital Presence

Establishing a digital presence enables businesses to cultivate a positive online reputation, making it effortless for potential customers to discover and access their offerings.

  • • Maps Listing – Business Listing on Search Engine Maps
  • • Search Engine Listing – Setting up Business Pages on search engines (Google/Bing)
  • • Business & Directory Listings – Registering with reputable business directories for online presence.
  • • Social Medial Footprints – Setting up Social Media accounts to foster online interaction.
  • • Interactive Website – A cool UI/UX to engage the visiting user to promote conversions.
  • • Content Creation – Interactive content tailored to connect with the end users to drive conversions.

Digital Branding

Digital branding assists businesses in establishing a distinct presence, integrating elements like logos and brand color schemes. This facilitates creating a recognizable identity in the digital sphere, fostering connections, and building brand trust.

Branding exercises to kick start the journey:

  • • Defining Visual Identity – Defining logos, designs, color pallets across all digital channels.
  • • Social Media Branding – Branded covers and logos across all social platforms for uniformity.
  • • Influencer Partnerships – Foster influencer partnerships to build brand trust in the users.
  • • Brand Partnerships – Facilitate brand partnerships through affiliate programs.
  • • Online Reputation Management – Being proactive in addressing online queries, complaints.
  • • Virtual Events and Webinars – Hosting the regular events and webinars to make awareness.
  • • User Experience Optimization – Interactive & responsive website designs.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising stands out as a potent and cost-efficient tool in the present era. Social media ad programs like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn offer targeted options for immediate outcomes. At Virtualite Tech Services, we possess the expertise to craft and promote the right content across all digital advertising platforms to maximize revenue.

We have the following expertise:

  • • Google Ad Management – Running effective PPC Ad campaigns across Google network.
  • • Microsoft Advertising (Bing)- Managing effective Ad campaigns across Bing Searches.
  • • Social Media Advertising – Paid advertisement through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • • Display Ad Campaigns – Planning Display Ad campaigns mixed with content ads.
  • • Video Advertising – Optimizing Ad promotions on YouTube platform.
  • • Affiliate Marketing- Foster brand partnerships to engage in generating clicks and traffic.
  • • Content Marketing – Crafting interactive contents for Digital Advertisements.
  • • Email Marketing – Running various email campaigns on channels like Mailchimp.

4.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands as a critical pillar in digital marketing strategy. It involves optimizing your website, content, and digital presence to consistently gain an advantage in organic search results. Keyword research and competition analysis are key factors. At Virtualite Tech Services, we provide a comprehensive range of SEO services to empower businesses to thrive independently

We cover various SEO services under our Digital Marketing Suite of services:

  • • On Page Optimization – Optimizing the webpage as per brand description and keywords.
  • • Off-Page Optimization- Building healthy backlinks through reputable online channels.
  • • Keyword Research – Identifying keywords to analyze traffic search volumes.
  • • Competition Research- Analyzing keywords, traffic trends for the competition in the market.
  • • Site Speed Optimization- Optimizing website to stay at par as per search engines metrices.
  • • Backlink Generation- Expert off page practices to secure healthy backlinks.
  • • Content Optimization- Optimizing the contents for keyword distribution for organic reach.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Recognizing the significance of maintaining a positive social reputation, We provide services for managing brand identities across all social media channels We have expertise in both organic and paid advertising campaigns across Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

We cover various SEO services under our Digital Marketing Suite of services:

  • • Consistent Branding- Having the consistent and same Digital branding throughout.
  • • Social Sharing- Regular interactions and content sharing on Social Media channels.
  • • Addressing Reviews- We help in managing online reviews to build online reputation.
  • • Customer Interaction – Ensuring the customer queries are handled in time to build trust.
  • • Consistent Content Generation- Keeping the content consistency across all social channels.
  • • Engaging Profiles- Writing thorough profile with elaborate descriptions and point of contacts.

Digital Marketing Operations:

At Virtualite, we are proud to provide comprehensive orchestration and management of all digital marketing operations for your business. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we excel in deploying tools to automate diverse digital marketing strategies, encompassing content management, distribution, and reporting.

  • • Marketing Automation- We help integrating automation tools to manage digital presence.
  • • Website Management-End to end website design, development and maintenance solutions.
  • • Social Media Management- Managing profiles, contents and reviews on social media channels.
  • • PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising- Managing various Ad campaigns. Display + Content PPC.
  • • SEO Optimized Content- Generating optimized content to promote online organic rankings.
  • • Performance Analysis- Managing performance of the ad campaigns and make regular amends.
  • • Reporting- Consistent reporting structure to monitor advertisement strategies.

Website Development & Design

Virtualite as a part of its Digital Marketing services offers a comprehensive suite of Website Development, Design and Maintenance services. With a knack for creative responsive website designs equipped with innovative functionalities, we specialize in crafting interactive website design solutions within an SEO-friendly environment.

Key Features:

  • • Responsive Designs- Responsive website designs across all platforms. (Mobile, Tab, Laptops etc.)
  • • Page Speed Optimization- Integrating the best SEO practices for the page speed optimizations.
  • • Keyword Optimization- Distributing and maintaining the healthy keyword density in webpages.
  • • SSL Security- Implementing the SSL certificates to the websites to promote security and reach.
  • • Social Media Integration- External linking to the social media channels for more visibility.
  • • Website Titles | Meta Tags | Descriptions – On- Page optimization.
  • • Optimized Content- Optimized content to pass plagiarism and keyword density checks.

Digital Content Services

VTS offers expert digital content services to enhance your digital marketing strategy effectively. Our proficiency lies in providing solutions for generating, overseeing, and refining digital content across diverse online and social media platforms. We are supported by robust content analysis tools and practices to ensure optimal performance.

  • • Content Creation- Generating interactive contents like social posts, blogs, articles etc.
  • • Content Management-Managing the distribution of the content across all digital channels.
  • • Content Optimization-Optimizing the content well suited for Search engines and SEO.
  • • Content Marketing-We help business to market the content engage and build audience.
  • • Content Strategy- Elaborate planning for content distribution to meet business goals
  • • Content Analytics- Tracking and monitoring the performance of digitally distributed content.

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